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Public Notices:
    R.M. of Leask No. 464. Special Meeting of Council November 19, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. in Council Chambers
  • Election Declaration [Section 160.16 of the Act]
    The Rural Municipality of Leask No. 464

    Municipal Elections 2014 Public Notice is hereby given that:
    I hereby declare the following candidate so nominated duly elected.
    Councillor for Division 2 – Real Diehl
    Councillor for Division 6 – Victor Unyi
    Dated this 18th day of September, 2014.
    Sheri McHanson Budd Returning Officer PDF
  • Notice of Call for Further Nominations
    Public notice is hereby given that nominations of candidates for the offices of:
    will be received by the undersigned at the municipal office during normal office hours until Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. local time. Nomination forms may be obtained from the municipal office. Dated this 29th day of August, 2014. See Candidates Info
    Sheri McHanson Budd Returning Officer
  • RM of Leask Community Engagement Session
    Wednesday, August 6th, 7 PM, Leask Senior Citizen's Center, See Poster
    See Draft Zoning Bylaw and OCP
  • Public Notice
    Proposed Road Closure to be discussed at Council - August 13th - See PDF
  • Special Meeting - July 16, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. in Council Chambers. See PDF for Agenda.
  • Financial Statement 2013
  • Dock Policy
  • Provincial Disaster Assistance Program - PDAP

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Building Permits

Pursuant to R.M of Leask No. 464 Bylaw No. 3/2008, all persons in our Municipalities intending to construct, erect, place, alter, repair, renovate, or reconstruct any building within the municipality are required to apply for a Building permit.

When do I need a Building Permit?

For new construction such as houses, cabins, commercial or industrial buildings, garages, and sheds over 100 square feet.
Renovations that involve major structural changes such as basement finishing, additions to your home, cabin, business and deck or garage construction
When a building is being moved into the municipality.

How much will a building permit cost?

The cost of a permit is based on the value of construction. The charge is $3.00 per $1,000.00 of construction value.

What am I paying for when I get a building permit?

Your building permit charges pay for the initial review of your plans by the R.M.’s building inspector, as well as subsequent building inspections that the Building Inspector will be conducting.

What do I need to provide to the R.M. when applying for a building permit?

1. Completed building permit application
2. Two complete sets of blueprints

When can I start to build?

Construction can begin after the plans have been returned from the building officials and the Building Permit is paid for and picked up at the R.M Office. Any construction that begins before this time may be subject to a Stop Work Order and if building officials finds any deficiencies in the construction the owners will be responsible to remedy these shortfalls at their own expense.

How long do I have to complete my construction?

Building permits expire six months after date of issue.

Development Permits - PDF Development Permit Form.

There is a $10.00 fee for all Development Permits, discretionary - $25

When do I need a development permit?

A development permit is required before commencing any development within the municipality. This includes any building, engineering, mining or other operations in, on, or over land, or the making of any material change in the use of any building or land.

Are there any exceptions to this rule?

Farm buildings where applied to a principal agricultural use within the zoning bylaw are exempt from needing a development permit.

Is there a charge for a development permit?

There is no charge for a development permit.

What do I need to provide to the R.M. when applying for a development permit?

1. Completed development permit application
2. A copy of a layout, or site plan, showing the dimensions of the site, the site size, the location on the site of any existing and all proposed development (including underground utilities) and the method and location of on-site sewage disposal facilities.
3. Any other information as may be required in support of the application.

When can I start to develop?

Development can begin once the development permit has been issued from the R.M Office. Any development that begins before this time may be subject to a Stop Work Order and the owners made responsible to remedy any conditions of the permit at their own expense.

How long do I have to complete my development?

Development permits expire after one year.

Moving/Demolition Permits

When do I need a moving/demolition permit?

For demolishing any building or part thereof within the municipality
For moving any building out of, or within the municipality.

What is the cost of moving/demolition permit?

The cost of a moving/demolition permit is $5.00.
A deposit of $1,500 in the form of cash or a certified cheque must be paid to the R.M. office before a permit will be issued.
All debts or taxes must be paid with respect to the building to be demolished or moved, as well as the land on which it is situated before a permit may be issued.

When can I start to demolish or move my building?

Demolition or moving can begin once the demolition/moving permit has been issued from the R.M Office. Any demolition or moving that begins before this time may be subject to a Stop Work Order and the owners made responsible to remedy any conditions of the permit at their own expense.

When do I get my deposit back?

Once your demolition or move is complete, and the site is cleaned up and restored to a safe condition, you may ask the Councillor from your division to inspect the site. Restoration of the site includes the removal of all cement from the premises, and fill of any holes left after the demolition/move. If Council is satisfied with their inspection, your deposit will be returned at the next meeting of Council following the inspection.

How do get my water tested?

You can pick up a sample kit at the R.M Office.

Where is the landfill located and when are the hours?

The R.M. of Leask landfill is located west of Leask on Highway 12 approximately 1.5 miles south of Martin’s Lake Regional Park.
Pt. SE 19-46-7-W3 & Pt NE 18-46-7-W3


April 1 - September 30
Sunday & Monday
2-8 pm


October 1 - March 31
1-4 pm