Real Estate or Business Listings

Your Leask and Area Business website can be linked from the Business Directory

A Simple Page using the Leask banner:

  • Include Contact Name, Email, Address, Phone, Fax, Hours of operation, and if you have one, a Promotional Photo or Logo Image.
  • Outline your services and important busines information, as well as other desired information such as community interest items, years of service to the community, staff, annual events (ie annually sponsorships, customer appreciation BBQ) etc, etc. 
  • Cost: $45 per business.
  • The lay out of your page will depend on the content and how it might best be displayed, but will have the Leask banner at the top as this page does.  You are welcome to offer ideas and suggestions, and once your page is posted on-line you will be able to critique the overall appearance and contact me for desired changes. 
  • Your page will be linked from the Leask business directory.  The more businesses who post their information pages the more convenient the website will become for the community, and the better the directory will promote the services Blaine Lake has to offer to the wider public.
  • Although this is a basic business information page you can still advertise the web address on your fliers, business card, brochures, etc.  You can purchase a "domain name" for as little as $16 a year to personalize the web address.  For example if your business is called Funky Hair Salon the web address of your page on the Leask site might read
     (which is a long and cumbersome address).  Your domain name might be (much easier to remember).  Domain names are purchased from internet host companies and simply redirect or "point to" your website or URL address (ie the long one as above). 
    The Leask domain name has been obtained through Domain People.

Your Own Site:

  • For those wishing the own site please contact me with your requirements.
  • For a Basic Full Website: 5 - 7 pages, with unique banner and layout - $300.00.  Your site will be created to satisfy your needs and is not complete until you are happy with it. The price goes up as 5-7 pages are exceeded.

Submit your Real Estate listing to be added to the Leask Real Estate Page.

Email or mail the details you wish to post regarding your real estate for sale and send it with 2 pictures to Glen Pavelich

Box 308, Kenaston, Sk 252-2718

Cost: $25.00 for 2 pictures, $30 for 4 pictures, $35 for 6, plus GST. Payable to Glen Pavelich.

Digital pictures by email are preferred and will be of higher quality than a scan of a hard copy. However, when emailing pictures you will need to reduce them in size to approximately 500 pixels wide. Your picture program allows you to do this using the 'resize' feature, (which is not to be confused with the 'crop' feature). If you have questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to call. When your real estate sells be sure to contact me to have your listing removed.

If you have more than 2 pictures the additional pictures are accommodated via a 2nd page linked from your basic listing. If your listing is already posted on a commercial site eleswhere you can have the link to it included at no extra cost.

Glen Pavelich
FireFly Webs