Make Your Default Home Page


When you click the Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome or other type of web browser Icon on your computer you get what is called a Home Page. For instance, Yahoo, MSN, Sympatico and MySask are all standard home pages that will default as your start page when you go on-line. Often these pages are loaded with general links that you may not be using or find relavant.

By making the Community Page your home page you will have:

  • Easy access to the website features and pages created with Leask residents and visitors in mind.
  • A familiar place to call home with links that are relavant to Saskatchewan.
  • Important notices and reminders of upcoming events.
  • Quick links to Internet Banking, Saskatchewan Weather, Google Search Engine, Gmail, Yellow Pages, etc.
  • remote email access. Linking to the Leask Community Page from any computer when you are away from home will give you access to your email. You use your normal sasktel user name and password and there is no need to obtain a second email account for travelling..
  • A good way to stay in touch with the community.

Here's How For Computers

To Make The Leask Community Page Your Convenient Home Page:

For Internet Explorer Users: Click the IE Icon on your desktop which brings up your browser.
On the top menu bar go to TOOLS, and then click INTERNET OPTIONS.
In the Home Page Box type (or copy and paste):
Then click apply at the bottom of the page.

Other browsers such as Firefox, Google tool bar, etc will have a slightly different set of instructions.

Note: Changing your start up page to will not change the top menu bar that comes with your browser, for example the address bar, refresh, history, favorites, etc.

For Devices

Pin our icon on device screen for a one tap access to everything Leask.

Go to on your device browser, then find the option in your tools settings to 'pin' to home screen. The icon below will then appear on your device.


Our community page provides an excellent inter-community communication tool.

You may suggest links or features for our home page at any time - Contact Village Office.

When you are away from home
just remember
to access your community website
with all your familiar links.

Also - remember our Useful Links Page