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For all Emergencies: Call 911

Leask Fire Department

Fire Hall

The Leask Fire Department has worked in conjunction with the Village and Rural Municipality of Leask No. 464 to construct a new fire hall for our community. 

The new hall houses our fire protection equipment including two fire trucks, a rescue van, and a water tanker. 

The new building has a meeting room for use of ongoing training not only for local volunteer fire fighters, but for surrounding fire departments as well.

Fire Hall Ground Breaking 2002
Photo by Vivian Nemish

Fire Chief - Devon Donohue

Deputy Fire Chief - Josiah Beam

Volunteer Fire Fighters

  1. Greg Boran
  2. Devon Donohue
  3. Dylan Donohue
  4. Murray Donohue
  5. Robert Hryniuk
  6. Shea Jones
  7. Max Jupe
  8. Robert McHanson
  9. Justin Nagy
  10. Arthus Spriggs
  11. Thomas Spriggs
  12. Travis Spriggs
  13. Marlene Straf
  14. Dave Petriew
  15. Christy Verbonac
  16. Dwayne Wollman
  17. Jordon Wollman
  18. Shawn Wollman
  19. Joe Wollman
  20. Tyler Wollman

If you are interested in becoming a member of our volunteer fire fighters please contact the Municipal Office - 466-2229 or 466-2000.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

A joint effort has been made by the Village, Rural Municipality and the History Book Committee to purchase an AED (automated external defibrillator) for our community.  The machine itself is now housed in entrance to clinic. 

In all emergencies, contact 911 FIRST, and then if needed the AED may be picked up from the Lodge.  While the AED is relatively simple to use, authorized operators of the machine must first be trained in it’s use. 

Trained operators in our community include:

  • Arthur Spriggs
  • Thomas Spriggs
  • Max Jupe
  • Murray Donohue
  • Taegan Johnson
  • Donna Brad
  • Lynn Farthing

Wheatland Lodge telephone no. (306) 466-4949