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Pursuant to Village of Leask Bylaw No. 4/2008, all persons in the Village of Leask intending to construct, erect, place, alter, repair, renovate, or reconstruct any building within the Village are required to apply for a building permit.

Development Permits

Pusuant of Village of Leask Zoning Bylaw 2/12, a Development Permit is required prior to undertaking a "development" or commencing a "use" of the property. Development Application Forms are available at the Village Office and also printable here.

What is a "use" or " development"?

Use – Shall mean the purpose or activity for which a piece of land or its buildings is designed, arranged, intended or occupied or maintained. Development – shall mean the carrying out of any building, engineering, mining or other operations in, on, or over land, or the making of any material change in the use of intensity of use of any building or land. How much does a Development Permit cost? A Development Permit fee is $50.00 payable to the Village of Leask at the time of submitting your Development Application.

When can I commence my Development or Use?

Once all forms have been submitted and reviewed by the Development Officer, a Notice of Decision will be issued along with your Permit if approved. Starting before a Notice of Decision is obtained may result in a Stop Work Order. You must also have in place all required Building Permits. Contact the Village Office to discuss the process or any questions you might have.

When do I need a building permit?

  • For new construction such as houses, commercial or industrial buildings, garages, and sheds over 100 square feet
  • Renovations that involve major structural changes such as basement finishing, additions to your home or business and deck or garage construction
  • When a building is being moved into the Village.

How much will a building permit cost?

The cost of a permit is based on the value of construction. The charge is $3.00 per $1,000.00 of construction value. There is also a $50.00 village processing fee for all building permits to be paid at the time application is submitted. As well, no building permit will be issued unless a Development Permit (see below), where required, has been granted.

What am I paying for when I get a building permit?

Your building permit charges pay for the initial review of your plans by the Village’s building inspector, as well as subsequent building inspections that the building inspector will be conducting.

What do I need to provide to the Village when applying for a building permit?

1.  Completed Building application
2.  Two complete sets of blueprints
3.  A scaled site plan that indicates all current buildings and their distance from the property lines as well as the proposed new building or addition.

When can I start to build?

Construction can begin after the plans have been returned from the building officials and the building permit paid for and picked up at the Village Office.  Any construction that begins before this time may be subject to a Stop Work Order and if building officials finds any deficiencies in the construction the owners will be responsible to remedy these shortfalls at their own expense.




Development Permits are required for any and all construction including but not limiting decks and sheds.

Moving/Demolition Permits

When do I need a moving/demolition permit?

  • For demolishing any building or part thereof within the Village
  • For moving any building out of, or within the Village

What is the cost of moving/demolition permit?

  • The cost of a moving/demolition permit is $5.00. 
  • A deposit of $1,500 in the form of cash or a certified cheque must be paid to the Village office before a permit will be issued.
  • All debts, taxes, or water bills must be paid with respect to the building to be demolished or moved, as well as the land on which it is situated before a permit may be issued.

When can I start to demolish or move my building?

Demolition or moving can begin once the demolition/moving permit has been issued from the Village Office.  Any demolition or moving that begins before this time may be subject to a Stop Work Order and the owners made responsible to remedy any conditions of the permit at their own expense.

When do I get my deposit back?

Once your demolition or move is complete, and the site is cleaned up and restored to a safe condition, you may notify the Village Office, and a member of Council will inspect the site.  Restoration of the site includes the removal of all cement from the premises, and fill of any holes left after the demolition/move.  If Council is satisfied with their inspection, your deposit will be returned at the next meeting of Council following the inspection.

Water Hook-Up

Water and Sewer Service Lines Policy

How do I go about getting water hooked up?
There is a form to fill out to obtain water hook-up at the Village of Leask Office. A $25.00 connection fee, as well as a $50.00 water meter deposit that must be paid prior to hook-up.
What does a water meter deposit cover?
Your water meter deposit is used as a damage deposit on your water meter. This deposit will be used in cases where damage is done to your water meter.
When will my water meter deposit be returned?
You will receive your deposit back when you move out of said location, providing your water meter is in good condition.
How often do I receive a water bill?
Water bills are issued monthly. You will receive a water meter "card in mid June and Mid December. You are required to read you water meter and return the card to the Village Office before the end of the month. Please note, there is a $25.00 meter reading charge issued if your meter reading is not submitted or when staff are required to attend your residence in an attempt to obtain same.