Village ByLaws

  • 01/1978 - Bylaw to Regulate the Height of Trees, Hedges or Shrubs on Private Property
  • 02/1978 - Bylaw to Prevent the Encumbrance of Roads, Streets or Sidewalks
  • 03/1978 - Bylaw to Prohibit the Making of Unnecessary Noise in the Operation of a Vehicle
  • 02/1982 - Bylaw to Regulate a Scavenging System for the Proper Collection & Disposal of  Garbage
  • 05/1984 - Bylaw to Provide for the Operation of Waterworks System
  • 06/1984 - Bylaw to Provide for Installation of Water Meters
  • 07/1984 - Bylaw Respecting the Use and Management of Water Works System
  • 10/1985 - Bylaw to Regulate the Operation of Vehicles

  • 03/2002 - Bylaw to Regulate All Terrain Vehicles 
  • 02/2006 - Bylaw to Regulate Property Maintenance and to Provide for the Abatement of  Nuisances within the Village of Leask
  • 02/2007 - Bylaw for Animal Control
  • 07/2008 - Noise Bylaw
  • 01/2009 - Building Bylaw
  • 02/2011 - Bylaw Water and Sewer
  • 03/2012 - Zoning Bylaw - Amended
  • 01/2013 - Bylaw to Provide Regulations for the Use, Care and Maintenance of Leask Cemetery
  • 02/2018 - Cemetery Bylaw

Pet Licensing

How many pets are allowed and what is required?
Our Animal Control Bylaw No. 2/2007,  states that all domestic animals must be registered with the Municipal Office.   You are allowed to register a maximum of two dogs and/or two cats.
What is the cost of buying a pet license?
The annual registration fee is $10.00 for each female, and $5.00 for each male or spayed female.
What do I do if I want to report a pet running at large?
Come into the Village Office and fill out a complaint form.