Page 3 Water Treatment Plant

L to R Councillor Gordon Harris, Maintenance Foreman Murray Donohue,
Administrator Brenda Lockhart and Maintenance Man Mike Rogers

Sapphire Water will be returning in the upcoming weeks to plumb in the new system and install the electrical system and panel required to operate the new system.  Once the plant is operational, considerable time will be spent testing the system to ensure peak operating performance, as well as, testing of the water to ensure it is meeting the standards set by the Ministry of Environment.  Training of maintenance staff will also be required and will take place over the next couple months as the system is put into operation.  Although we are all anxious to have quality drinking water "on tap", every precaution must be taken to ensure that the system is producing safe, potable water before same to the households in our Village......... maybe for Christmas, but watch this site for updates.